• waking early

    by  • September 22, 2015 • Uncategorized

    A little humor, with apologies to Mary Oliver:

    Why I Wake Early (my life is not a walk in the woods)

    Hello, cat in my face
    Hello you who make the morning
    And the evening and all the days and nights
    About you
    And ow! Your claw, and the nodding off in the afternoon
    While you sleep peacefully in the sun
    Even when I am miserable and crochety–

    Best motivation that ever was,
    Your meowing and this river of red
    That threatens to overflow its banks today
    Right now, onto these sheets and this duvet
    If I do not heed its subtle warning
    Get up, get up, good morning.

    Watch now, how I start the day
    In duress, in bloodiness.