Body of Pleasure: Immersion Retreat

dear ones,

I am making magic.
I am summoning all the power, the gifts, the intuition, the wisdom, the playfulness, and I am making beautiful, deep, tremendous magic.
This is different from everything else I have tried to do, because I have given up on isolating the pieces.  There is no partitioning, no separating, no only-this-and-not-that about it.
I am creating a beautiful, intimate, connected retreat, and you are invited.
This is an immersion course, four days to soak in pleasure on all its levels.
In a beautiful house in the Berkshires, we will eat delicious food cooked for us, we will have spaciousness and expansive time to talk and think and feel the beauty around us.  We will sit in the hot tub and gaze at the sky.  We will have bodywork every day–every one of us.
We will have enough time to come in from the world, to arrive, to meet.  We will have the house to ourselves.  We will share and grow and sleep deeply and wake naturally.
We will let go of the frenetic pace of our daily lives to sink into ourselves.
Yes, there will be coaching, guidance, wisdom time.  There will be help.  There will be support. We will spend time together.  We will have plenty of free time as well, and the grounds are beautiful.
You will bring what you need to bring.  We will share our gifts.
Four days, three nights, lodging and food and bodywork all included, gratuity for the cooks extra.
Come connect with your body, with your wisdom, with your deepest desires.
Come rest.
Come be renewed.
Come immerse yourself in yourself, and in your pleasure, and in your wisdom, and in the beauty of connected community.
Because this is such an intimate group, drop me a note ( or give me a call (612-209-6611) so we can make sure you’re a good fit before you sign up.  Tell me a little bit about you and why this is something that is a just-right thing for you right now.
When we’re sure, you’ll get a link to register.  $1200 for the four days.
The site is Nine Mountain in Plainfield, Massachusetts, and it is stunning and wonderful, with fantastic energy and beautiful people to host us:
Mid-November: 14-17, inclusive.
Come connect.  Come relax.  Come listen to yourself.  Come be.