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    No Prize for Pain

    by  • April 26, 2019 • Uncategorized

    You know what I’m noticing? I’m finally reaching college levels of productivity again. In my junior year of college I was doing really well, by many standards. Yes, I had depression and anxiety, yes I was probably underslept. But I was singing, I was working, I was skiing, I was going to class. My...

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    the moment of truth

    by  • January 5, 2019 • Uncategorized

    So here we are.  Last week I suspended my Patreon creator account.  I felt like what I was offering was too scattered, too diffuse, not really meeting anyone’s needs–and it showed.  I don’t have enough subscribers to make it a good business move at all. But now I have this thing, where I have...

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    I seem to have a lot to say

    by  • December 31, 2018 • Uncategorized

    about saris.  And I’ve been to India more often, and I’m buying more saris on the internet.  In fact, saris (as a revolutionary garment but also as a beautiful thing, which is identity-revolutionary for me) are becoming a kind of a hobby. So expect to see more about that. I’m also thinking that there...

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    finding my people

    by  • November 6, 2018 • Uncategorized

    There’s this moment when you find your people the ones who breathe your air and speak your language on lips that look like yours. My people, among other things, wear draped clothing, long lengths of fabric that swirl around our feet and promise great things if you have some small patience.   One of...

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    White Saris on the Fourth of July

    by  • July 4, 2018 • Uncategorized

    I got up today and wasn’t sure what to wear. I decided to wear the 6 yard length of white muslin I got myself as the most basic of basic saris. It happens that white is the color of mourning in India, a color typically only worn (by women) as widows or the recently...

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    the rules that make it easier to be good

    by  • March 29, 2017 • Uncategorized

    I want the handbasket we’re in to have a picnic lunch and bread and brie and a checkered tablecloth that we can spread on lush grass in a country that isn’t being bombed and breathe clean air and invite the neighbors.   I’m feeling a little doubtful at the moment. but that’s what I...

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    India, day 3

    by  • January 29, 2017 • Uncategorized

    I’m at the kitchen table, surrounded by the detritus of a day beginning: my tea, thick with milk and sugar, my dadi’s combs and her shoes.  She’s taking a bath the old way, bucket of hot water and a “mug” — a pint sized plastic pitcher to pour the water over her body in...

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    groundhog resistant gardening

    by  • June 5, 2016 • Uncategorized

    I’ve had a dilemma for several years now. I love growing food.  I love the magic of start-with-nothing, end-with-nourishment.  I love growing green things, I love having my hands and feet in the dirt.  I do not wear gardening gloves, and I don’t at all mind having grit on my fingers. There are two...

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    tip of the iceberg

    by  • January 22, 2016 • Uncategorized

    My Facebook and Twitter feeds often offer more interesting news than the newspaper ever did.  Today, this article crossed my path, about sexual assault in the music industry: http://www.billboard.com/biz/articles/6851561/amber-coffman-speaks-in-depth-about-heathcliff-berru-i-hope-this-is-a-big-wake Here’s my response. So the problem isn’t just that this happened once, although even once is a major problem. The problem is that this is...

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    cut on the pull stroke

    by  • October 27, 2015 • Uncategorized

    Recently, I was waxing poetic about handsaws.  Specifically, about my ryoba, a Japanese handsaw that suits my woodworking needs and style to a T. Like most Japanese hand tools, it’s designed to make good use of your body weight. It cuts on the pull stroke. By contrast, most Western saws cut on the push stroke....

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