Body of Pleasure: A Workshop

It’s hard to know what we want. And when we do know what we want, sometimes we have a hard time asking for it. Judgments happen, in our minds or in our lives, and we find ourselves doing what others want….and never what we want. And we feel denied, resentful, maybe angry, and definitely detached from ourselves and others. In the end, we feel weary, physically, socially, emotionally.

But we can change the story. You can change your story.

Welcome to Body of Pleasure

This is a workshop about you. It is a workshop about figuring out what you want. It is a workshop about asking for what you want. It is a workshop about pleasure and ease and finding those things that delight you. You can have the things you want. (Really.) And in finding those things that bring you pleasure, in living those things that bring you pleasure, you find yourself coming home. To your body. To yourself. And that’s a pretty pleasurable thing.
you will:
  • know what the sensations of your body are
  • know how to use the sensations to understand your best possible choice
  • know the difference between easy and easeful
  • learn both individual and group processes for finding out what you want
  • know how to use this information to build trust with yourself and form better relationships with others: family, friends, and colleagues
  • feel good more often
this workshop is for you if:
  • you want a better, deeper, more profound connection with yourself
  • you want more confidence in decision making
  • you want to make better choices
  • you want to connect better with others
  • you want more real friendships and fewer superficial ones
  • you want to make better use of the wisdom you already have
  • you want to know what your body is telling you
  • you want to practice mindfulness in a practical way
this workshop is not for you if:
  • you do not want deep connections
  • you like to think of your body and mind as separate
  • you prefer to make all your choices from a completely logical framework
  • you believe wisdom is mostly external–that the best information comes from outside yourself
 This day-long transmission of pleasure is Sunday, Oct 6  at the lovely Rudramandir in Berkeley, CA.  We’ll talk, we’ll move (gently–appropriate for all abilities), we’ll consult and converse and ask questions, and we will connect with ourselves and with each other.
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Lunch will be included with vegetarian and non-veg options.  If you have other dietary requirements, you may wish to bring your own meal or food to supplement.  Please also bring your favorite notebook and pen.  Doors open at 9:30; we will start promptly at 10.
Rudramandir is located at 830 Bancroft Way (at Sixth St.) in Berkeley.  Parking map and directions for driving and public transit are here:  Please use the parking map to find parking if you choose to drive.
Questions?  drop me an email ( or call/text 612.209.6611 (c).  See you there!