is this you?

“There are lots of thing I love about my work with Leela. But the absolute bestest bit might be the way she helps me take knowledge and turn it into wisdom: with her help I go from, “Yeah, I know that, but…” to “Yes. YES. Done. I’m doing it.” It’s whole-body alchemy.”  –Catherine Caine, Cash and Joy

Are you ready to hear what your body has to say?  Are you ready to listen?

I’m not for everyone. Not by a long shot. I swear often, for one. I’m ordained, for another–that makes a lot of people nervous.  And I talk about sex sometimes, including the creative kinds, which means you can, too.

My best fit folks tend to be adventurous, independent, outspoken, a little devil-may-care, sweet, and deeply committed to a better world. You’re the class clown who noticed the quiet kid and figured there must be more under the surface.

I’m the quiet kid.
You were right.
I see you. I see everyone else. I see things other people miss. And I’m not telling the teacher, but if you have the guts to come sit by me and be real I might tell you what I think.  I love it when you do that.  I’ll tell you everything.

If you’re gonna say yes just because I said it, or if you’re easily offended, or if you think I’m going to magically know what you’re thinking and give you what you need, we are probably not a good fit.

I might work some of that magic, but mostly it’s going to be us laughing and joking and talking in loud voices or you having a hellish day and bursting into tears and then us pulling a bullet-pointed list outta the mess.

Because I can see you.  I see you now.  But better, I can see Stunning Future You.  Beautiful.  Sparkling.  Half the time I’ll get teary thinking about it.  There will be sentimental moments, make no mistake.  And there will be ass-kicking, because I cannot bear for you not to get there.

…and what does this have to do with pleasure?  Why body?  Why pleasure?  Just everything.

Listening to your body is where it starts.  It’s about building a trust relationship with your body that has been destroyed and fractured by the cultural conditioning that almost all of us go through.  For some people, building that trust relationship starts with listening.  For some people with a diet change or a commitment to something and for some people that trust relationship starts with touch.  There are all different ways you can approach the body depending on who you are and where you are,  Ultimately what you are going for is integration, but in order to integrate with your body you have to start with people where they are, so you have to start with the idea that they are separate, because they have been separated, not because they should be separated.  Then you create this trust relationship between the brain and the body, and then after a while they realize that they’re in love with each other.

 The Future You I’m seeing is always the one who loves life, who lives deeply and richly and is thrilled with the idea of getting up in the morning.   Future You puts pleasure first, and listens to your body, and all kinds of good things follow.