because it’s about ease
the more you think about it
the harder it becomes
and if you have to force it
you’re probably doing it wrong
or at least there is probably an alternative
that requires less force.

We know this
from watching people kick tires and
wrench doorjambs
we know this from
feeling our muscles cry out
when we forget to shift our weight
when we lash out in anger
when we hold on too tight.

We know this.

We know that pleasure and ease
are indicators of health.
We know that when the car doesn’t creak or groan
it is well-tended

We know that we are not machines
but we are like machines;
that we need oil and gentle manuvers
and not so much of the kicking and swearing
that so often rides around in our heads
like luggage strapped awkwardly to the top
of an overfull station wagon
bound for the other coast.

We know
that water seeks the easiest path
that air takes the path of least resistance
that children will run everywhere
but adults will wear a rut in the gentlest route;
we know that we are wired for efficiency
that ease and efficiency are two faces of one thing
like Janus,
coming and going.

We know that pleasure and desire are two faces
of one thing:
receiving and wanting.

And we know
that if we take an extra moment
to look at the trees
we will find the most easeful path
and take it
without even trying.

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