same ship, different party

Have you ever been working on a project and something just won’t click?  You wrestle and struggle and beat your head against it and it comes out okay, and everyone says it’s fine, but it really hasn’t gelled yet?


And you know it’s in there and so you keep moving, keep going, keep writing and creating and talking to your people…

and then you go away and concentrate on something totally different.

And the answer comes.



The 30 Day Pleasure Project brings me so much joy.  Every day, people join, get excited, get intrigued, get changed, get reminded of important things.

And I knew there was more, and so I began taking the material deeper.  I started by thinking I was going to do video, and then maybe audio, and email…

but none of those media felt right.

And so I kept going and kept working and told you about the project, because it is awesome stuff; it changed my life.  I want to share.  I love the feedback I get from the 30 Day Pleasure Project–LOVE it.  I know I’m headed in the right direction.

But even as I moved into the creation phase, something didn’t click.

And then I had to get ready because my parents were coming for a visit.

Go ahead, laugh, I know you’ve been there.  Clean the house!  Think about food!  Be nervous!  Run around and make sure everything is right!  Well, okay, most of everything.  Or perhaps just the everythings that are reasonable to change.

Total distraction.  Immersion in tidying and dishes and menus and all the rest of it.

But I needed to launch.  It was time.  And the Lived Pleasure material was basically ready.  So I launched.

My parents arrived last night.  We had dinner.  It was a success.  No crisis, no disaster.  


And this morning, I realized: the focus of the work is internal, but the magic happens in the interactions between people.  This is about the creative interchange that Henry Nelson Wieman wrote about–that inexplicable inspiration that comes when authentic spirits come together.


And the light bulb clicked on.

And lots of things I did without knowing why suddenly made sense.

This course is not about the written word, although there will be reflective writings and there will be stuff you can do on your own.

This course is about the conversations.  

Because laying foundations, transforming your way of being in the world, is, in fact, work best done in community.  In connection.  In challenge and grace and love and encouragement and curiosity.  Especially curiosity.

Come, be part of the the curious.  Make pleasure a place you live, and make it work in the real world, with real concerns and real life and real you.  Sit with the paradoxes and among friends.