so what are you hiding?

You’ve got to be yourself.  There’s struggle in that, sometimes, if people are not used to it, but past the struggle is miles and miles of white-sandy-beach ease.  Why?

Because pretending takes so damn much energy.

It’s lying, on a long-term, semi-permanent basis.  And remembering a lie and all the things that come out of the lie is soooo much harder than telling the truth.  So sit down for a moment today and ask yourself,

what am I hiding?

No judgement, no right-or-wrong, nothing bad about your choices.  They just are.  Facts, like the color of your hair or the phase of the moon.  But it’s good to know.  what am I hiding?  Is it financial, behavioral, spiritual, emotional?

I’m not saying you have to change it.  Don’t do anything differently that you don’t want to do differently.

Just get yourself informed about what you’re doing, so you can make a full choice, not a half a choice limited by forgotten habits.  what am I hiding?

What are you hiding in your business, in your personal life, from your lovers, from your family?

What are you trying (and failing) to hide from yourself?

Just find out.  And if you like, share in the comments.