feeding the spirit

It’s about cheese and eggplant this morning,

anything warm against the bitter cold

shining so bright against the winter’s corners.

It’s about any excuse to heat the oven,

waiting until I am dry to go outside,

even to feed the birds,

anything, really, to remember

that she is bigger than us, bigger than all of us,

she cannot even see the speck of us

against the brilliance of the sky

we are too small

to even make shadows

and yet we feed the cats, walk the dogs,

bundle up scarves and mittens

to render the wind harmless,

just whistling on its way.

And yet.

there is that moment when we yearn for something larger,

reach for the sunflower and

decide we are reaching for the sun

because why not?

Why should we not stand as tall and proud as any other?

Why should we not proclaim the greatness of miracles to the world?

Why should we not be prophets and scholars?

Indeed we shall

Indeed we are.

And it begins today,

it begins in milk for cheese,

in eggplant,

in coffee.

Good morning.

Let it begin now.


Dear Boston, if you are needing a bridge from reaching to beginning, come explore on January 26th.  We’ll start where you are and end up where you didn’t know you were going. http://ebbmassagestudio.com/wishfinding