what if we’ve got it backwards?

Posted on January 22, 2013 by

This is the question I wake up with most mornings:

What if we’ve got it backwards?  What if it’s inside out and upside down and widdershins?

What if it’s really supposed to feel good?

What if all this valorization of The Hard Way is a bunch of crap cooked up by people who pretty much didn’t have a choice at the time…

and now we have a choice.  And if they were here today they would jump at the chance to be warm and dry and pleasure-filled and happy.

So what if you were to look at your life and do a hardness inventory?

Where are things hard?

Make a list.

Now what could be easier?  What could you just stop doing?  What could be fixed with a tiny little change?

What could be repurposed?

What five minutes would save you five hours?

Write down all the possibilities.

Now pick one.

Just one.

Make it…easy.

And see what happens.

Everything is connected to everything else, and pleasure is your compass.  Love your direction.

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