sink into pleasure

pleasure is like a hot bath,

a perfect dessert,

a sweet summer night thick with jasmine and orange blossoms.

it takes time and openness to work its magic

and you need to be immersed, surrounded,

until the inescapable persistence of it surpasses suffocation and tips over into the complete experience,

and the deep-down knowing that this

is how you were meant to be,

this is how it was meant to feel,

every inch of your skin a living tribute to sensation,

so glad you are alive that you could cry.


It is a long way from where most of us spend our days.


And so I’m taking twelve people on a journey back into themselves.

For three nights and four days,

we’ll swim in the pool of yes.

Four days of bodywork,

four days of delicious food, prepared for us.

Four days of hot tub and gentleness,

of spaciousness and sweet conversation,

four days of feeling like feeling your body might in fact not hurt.

It might feel awesome.


Because when you do this work, usually,

you start to sink into your body and then you realize how much hurting

and tension and fear and ache and exhaustion you’ve been holding.

You start to sink in and then you feel like you’re going to burn  your fingers on the hot stove of your fatigue and the burning-the-candle-at-both-ends solar plexus.

You start to sink in and then you recoil from what that feels like.

So I’m setting the stage, your stage, with bodywork and delicious food,

with a long night’s rest and a soak in the hot tub,

with sweet and beautiful people.

So when you wake and consult your body,

it says,


It says,


It says,


Come with me to the Berkshires for a gorgeous, cozy, luxurious retreat.  Four days and three nights in mid-November: the 14th-17th.  Be rested.  Be restored.  Be loved.  Be renewed.  Bodywork every day.  Meals and lodging included.  Come and be delighted.


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