I am an athlete. Therefore…

If I am an athlete, I eat to feed the body I enjoy moving. I eat like an athlete, wisely and with confidence.  I might have a restricted diet or I might not.

If I am an athlete, I like to move! I move every day some. I make time for it.

If I am an athlete, I wear clothes that fit, that move with me, that stay on. I don’t have time for pants that fall off when I bounce!

If I am an athlete, I need good, sound, solid sleep.  It’s okay to make that happen.

If I am an athlete, it is reasonable for me to spend money on appropriate gear and tools. That might be clothes, that might be equipment. I meet myself where I am, at this skill level, and expect that I will replace and upgrade when needed.

If I am an athlete, I may choose to train with someone. Having guidance as I train is smart.

If I am an athlete, I have every right to be in the gym, on the trail, in the pool, trying on running shoes.  I can take up space.  I do not need to shrink in the face of other people who are “real athletes” because I am, in fact, a real athlete

I am an athlete.

And you are, too.  What’s true for you?

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