Moving Comfort Endurance dress: review

Let’s start here: Moving Comfort makes INCREDIBLE sports bras.  So when I saw that they were making dresses for being active in, I was thrilled.  YAY, I thought.  The bra plus a skirt!

Not so fast.

My dress is an XL in black, and runs true to size.  Empire-waisted, with obvious seams, it is not suitable for a formal office but meets my standard of “business casual” in a pinch.  The fabric does have a sheen to it, and there is a logo down the middle of the back.  The dress is a little tight around my middle only because I am apple shaped.  None the less my therapist said I looked “professional” in the dress with a linen shirt over it.

The bra is a shelf bra with MASSIVE elastic underneath it.  This saddens me because MC makes SUCH AMAZING sports bras, and I had high hopes that they had simply attached a bodice and skirt to a bra.  That would be my ideal.

This bra is not sufficient for any kind of bouncy exercise.  It is, however, just fine for going out and about.  Unfortunately, the wide elastic then must be combined with a real sports bra (I use one by Moving Comfort, of course) for exercise which means a LOT of ribcage compression.  On the upside, when you’re done you can remove the sports bra and still be reasonably dressed.  Also, if your chosen form of exercise involves being upside-down, the built in shelf bra can be a handy asset.

Because I’m short (5’2″) and apple shaped, the bodice tends to scrunch up under the bustline, which is a little awkward but has the result of putting the fuller part of the skirt where it belongs.

Length: it’s a little long in the torso for me, but again, I’m short.  The skirt is just about perfect, several inches above the knee, and completely nonrestrictive.  The fabric is heavy–the weight of a lined swimsuit.

Color choices: I think this dress may be discontinued, as I can’t find it on the website for the current season.  It was either black or multi–would love to have seen it in a bright red or cheerful tangerine or soothing aqua.  I do hope they haven’t discontinued the idea of the running dress entirely–it has a lot of merit, and their version is really lovely.  You can even go commando if you don’t plan to bend over…

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