Guest Post! Go Back to What You Are: A Body of Wonder

Today’s guest post is by the lovely Heather Rees, a career change coach with a strong sense of the value of presence in the body.  Please welcome her!


Go Back to What You Are: a Body Of Wonder

Your body is not gross, ugly, misaligned or any manner of wrong.

It is not too fat, too skinny, too tall or short.

It is not five pounds away from perfect or in need of hiding behind clothes.

Your body is this: Gorgeous.

It is perfect and miraculous and worthy of revelry.

It deserves to be licked, tickled and caressed.

It wants adoration and your deepest respect – so give it.

Listen to your body as you would a dear friend and, just like that, play with and love and care for your body with a heart full of abandon.

You want this.

I know you do.

You want this wild freedom to love openly that which we’ve been trained to abhor.

Deep down, deep within, there are places that call you back to this freedom. You once had it, back when you were young. Those sunshine days of wonder when the length of your limb was as worthy of love as the stalk of grass held between young fingers. What happened to those days?

We grow up.

We learn that such love is too brazen, to sure and not enough of everything that they tell us is worth accepting. We learn that our bodies are not that (whatever that may be), and therefore, and assuredly, not enough.

Underneath the nonsense, the rabble of violence, your down deep place still knows your beauty – revels in it! – and all the pleasure your body can feel.

Let’s get back there. Let’s buck the system. Be a revolutionary.

Decide to not worry for an hour or a day what exactly your body is (or isn’t) and tune into what exactly it feels. The rhythms, the shifts, the openings and aches.

Decide to notice what comes and goes: the breath, your pulse and all that you hear, see and smell.  Touch and taste, too.

Decide on pleasure. Ditch the pain. Yes, you may have reasons to complain (pain is no lightweight) but what you feed will grow. Grow pleasure.

Pleasure comes in through our senses – those impeccably crafted inborn centers of pleasure making, and pleasure taking.

As small as a hair dancing on our neck. As big as a merlot. The sense you connect with gives back what you seek: Love, pleasure and down deep feeding of that place that knows how perfect you really are.


Heather Rees is a career change coach and strategic ally for women who want to do work that is meaningful to them. She is also the creator of the newly released Soul Revival: a Return to Your Senses – an exploration of the senses to spark creativity and reconnect with the soul. Read more here, or connect on Facebook and Twitter.