I seem to have a lot to say

about saris.  And I’ve been to India more often, and I’m buying more saris on the internet.  In fact, saris (as a revolutionary garment but also as a beautiful thing, which is identity-revolutionary for me) are becoming a kind of a hobby.

So expect to see more about that.

I’m also thinking that there might be a patreon coming.  A new one.  Mostly about saris and all the complexity of them.  But also, therefore, about bodies and image and weight and who decides what’s ok.  And why can’t we wear fancy things everyday?  Why do people judge that?  And who gets to be fancy, and why are some kinds of fancy supposedly better than others?  And what happens to your posture when you wear a sari, or a crown, and what about if the jewelry is made to hold your clothes in place?


This might be fun.  Just fun.

I mean, serious, because big ideas, but also fun.