depth, pleasure, intensity

So intensiveness, and power, are huge parts of what I’m connecting to at the moment. And as I hit publish on the last post, it occurred to me that this is also important.

For intensives (see for more information on that), pleasure and depth are intimately entwined. We love to go deep. For me it actually turns me on, often the same way sex would. Pleasure is pleasure, depth is depth, and the pleasure of depth can sweep me away. I write from that place, I think and act and love from that place, it’s all the same.

When I connect to the earth, it’s depth I plumb; when I stare into the fire it’s intensity that meets me there.

This is not generally the case for expansives. Expansives don’t find pleasure in depth in the same way most of the time. But sometimes…sometimes they do. And that’s where we meet: in the depth that feeds us both. Mara Glatzel does this brilliantly (BRILLIANTLY). But if you or someone you love is not going deep, is happy with the surface float, that doesn’t make either of you wrong. The pleasure is in different places for different folks. That’s all.

And you can find a way to meet there. It just might take some looking.