30 Day Pleasure Project

Our relationships to our bodies can be hella fraught (as in freighted, as in HEAVY) and complicated.  And very much like a Gordian knot: big and impossible and clumsy and hopeless-feeling.

You can start small, though.  You can start with baby steps.

And if you like, you can start with these baby steps.

This is a very small thing; 30 days of very small things.

For 30 days you’ll get a tiny little assignment by email.  Just a suggestion.  No musts, no have-tos, just,

hey!  here, do this today.  bye!

All the things are body things.  Little games to play with your body, ways to say hello body!

One of my testers said,

 They’re lovely!  Just the right length (brief) and very do-able, and kindly!

and someone else tweeted,

 Wanted you to know i’ve been loving it!

Give it a try.  Sign up right here for your 30 baby steps.


your body knows. Listen.