Lived Pleasure

You already know that life is awesome

and for 30 days you’ve given yourself a little vacation


You already know that pleasure rocks.
You’ve already been living full-out, all-in, laughing, crying, loving like you’ve never been hurt.
This is IT!
This is supposed to be it.
But it’s still sometimes unaccountably hard.

your vacation ended.

and things are sometimes
Unexpectedly exhausting.
–like walking through wet concrete,
You pass out when your head hits the pillow.

or really–
can it please stop being like this now?

Who are you asking?
Who are you begging?
this is about being in charge.
This is about YOU being in charge.
but not in the so-you-can-do-it-all-because-no-one-else-will way.

This isn’t about being a superhero.

this is about your life:
the one where you have a small helping of everything
and nothing is falling off your plate;

the one where what you do makes sense on the inside
and not just to your mother-in-law.

The one where even on your bad days
you feel pretty damn good.
It’s about pleasure being more than a vacation destination;
This is where it goes beyond that 30 day respite from life
and leaks into your everyday
until tracking the pleasure is what you do, and
this place of pleasure is where you live.
You heard me.
You don’t have to go home.

This is home,

this vacation place,

this place where you play with your body

pay attention to your skin
taste your food
stretch like a cat
and occasionally sleep in sun puddles.
This is home:
where you feel the breeze on your face
and choose not to shut the window.
This is home.
Welcome home.
Let’s make sure you can stay here.

Staying here
means making a home here.

What does homesteading look like
for the land of pleasure?

It is deceptively simple.
Which is how most real change arrives;
not with bells and elephants and fanfare
but a tiny whisper in the grass
left by the passing of a very

The secret is of course no secret:

So it is with the homesteading kit:
every week, a theme:
ease, practice, faith, food, movement, joy.
every week, some writing,
some things to think about,
some things to do
on the theme.

By email.

And most weeks, an extra–a midweek reminder or two
on the theme;
something to keep you remembering
in the hum of your everyday
to stop and smell the flowers.
You know what pleasure feels like.

Let it move you.

Let pleasure and possibility
and the unexpected magic of people
become part of your life.
$61 and six weeks.

For how long?
For six weeks.
An extended stay.
Thoreau said,
If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost;
that is where they should be.
Now put the foundations under them.

Six weeks of building your foundations
so that your visit
can become the beginning
so that your beautiful home in the land of pleasure
can be the shelter
for you
and for generations to come.
Your tools:

Your continued daily attention.

Your writing.
Your art.
Your walking in the world.
Your desire to change something.
Your skin.
Your life.

And these weekly lessons,
invitations to engagement
that will
over time
cause you to be

The cycle of transformation:
Imagining the change: a month.
Creating the change: a month.
Change? What change? three to six months.
This is journey two.
The third journey is coming.
Travel with me?

61 dollars.
 weekly lessons.
the occasional surprise.
No finger-wagging
if you don’t have time this week;
you can always go back and try it again.


six weeks.

your body knows. Listen.