making out under the bleachers…

…and other successes that don’t require a home run.

Oh good, you found it!

Sit down. Have a cup of tea. Here’s a soft chair just for you.

Welcome.  Relax.  Breathe.  Let it feel good.

I’m glad you found your way here. We make miracles here. Small ones.  Body ones.  Because you connected with your body connected with the world means Good Stuff Happens.  Magic happens.

Today’s magic: sex doesn’t have to suck.

It’s tricky.  Everyone says sex is wonderful.  But tons and tons of people don’t have sex much because they don’t want to, because it doesn’t feel all that good.

You don’t have to do stuff that doesn’t feel good.  But if that’s you, and you want sex to feel good, there’s good news.

Sex can feel good and be creative and interesting. You get to be playful about sex, and curious, and break rules and talk out loud about it. And It doesn’t have to hurt or be something you dread, not ever. And penises can go in vaginas, but there are a lot of other ways to have sex.

And I want to help that happen for you.

So I made this…this package. This little gift box of a thing: the starter playbook and the bite-sized coaching, together.

The bite-sized coaching wouldn’t work without a headstart.

The playbook will help you think but won’t make you a plan.

So together they are just right.

And it’s a really good deal.

You get the playbook; you answer the questions. You email me your answers and we make an appointment to talk. No answers, no appointment.

Usually I only work with people over a period of months, with weekly sessions and lots of email between them, and questions and answers and curiosity and crazy homework assignments and I charge lots more than this. It creates intense, beautiful change—kind of like a crashing wave on rocks or a fireworks display.

This, on the other hand, is one of those things I do because I’m slightly crazy and I think it will be fun, and somewhat gentler than fireworks in your living room:

Playbook plus one 30 minute session (for setting your strategy or whatever you find useful): Absurdly accessible at $57.50

Playbook plus two 30 minute sessions (strategy plus follow up, or whatever moves you) remarkably, just $74.60.

Playbook alone: I had a number of people ask for this option, and they were very persuasive. This is a tricky subject, and it makes total sense that signing up to have a conversation might feel like too much for a first step. So by popular request, the not-ready-to-talk-about-it option is now available! Thanks for asking for what you needed.



your body knows. Listen.