Pajama Parties!

So here’s the deal.

Some girls have this thing when they’re in school, where they decide it would be fun to sleep over at each other’s houses.  I don’t know if boys do the same.  I don’t know many people my age whose parents let them have mixed sleepovers.

Anyway, sleepovers.

So somehow when you’re twelve the next logical step is a sleepover with LOTS of people, because, you know, the whole point is to…lose sleep?

Not really.

The whole point is to talk.


It’s where I learned to talk about things that weren’t supposed to be talked about.  (Then I honed the skill by going to church.  Whole other story.)

So if the point is to talk, why pajamas?

sleep deprivation
no parents
comfy not-regular-day clothes

more connection
more real sharing
less wall-building
more community building

In other words,

the world more the way I would like it to be.

(and yes, there are some awful terrible things that some groups of kids do at pajama parties.  If you’re one of those people, I’m sorry.  And I’m totally ready to help you reclaim pajama parties for you.)


I have pajama parties.  Every few weeks, once a month, whenever I’m inspired.  We all wear pajamas and call in to the conference number.  I set up the conversation and then we’re off!

We talk about sex.  We talk about relationships.  We talk about what comes up.

If you want an invitation:

These are by invitation only, so I can make sure the mix of people is right and not overwhelming.  If you want to come, email me.

Your subject line needs to include “PP invitation” so I make sure to get your request.

In the email, tell me a story about you talking about sex–either a true story or one you wish were true.  I’m not looking for you to turn me on, because what these parties are NOT is a pickup scene.  I’m looking to know how you talk about sex when sex isn’t on your agenda.

You need to want to talk and not just listen. And you need to be willing to push your edges a little. But of course you can always pass if you’re up against something hard.

Send me the email and tell me who you are so I can get your awesomeness hooked up.

Not ready?
then you can sign up here to get updates and reminders of what’s coming.

…but I gotta tell you, if you want an invitation you should really just email me. It’ll be quick and painless and if I send you an invitation you’ll know you’re one of my people. Then all you do is Wear your comfiest jammies and show up with your hot cocoa in hand.  We’ll talk.  We’ll be real.  It will be awesome.

your body knows. Listen.