The Questions

These are the questions.
They will crack you open, knit body to thought and transform thought into bullwhip action.

They will make you aware of the things you have avoided because they are uncomfortable or too attractive or too sexy or feel too good.

They will drive you away from desperation and toward desire so intense you cannot wait one second longer.

They will seduce you.

They will rake across your skin until it is raw.

And then they will dive in.

This is a body-centered, visceral, sensual, kinesthetic experience.

If you don’t know your body, that’s fine.*  Get into it anyway.  You’ll find out soon enough, and you’ll like it too much to leave.

These are questions to dance with. Put on a fabulous outfit, turn the lights down low. Step into it. Grab a fantastic pen and some beautiful paper. Give yourself a soundtrack. Swing your hips to the beat. Smile a little. Smile a lot.

What do you covet?

What is it like when you get it?

What does your turn on feel like?
When else do you feel it?
How can you feel it more?

Don’t fight gravity. Swoon. Make love on the floor, on the counter, against the wall. Let your knees get weak.

Where does desire lodge in your flesh and bones?
When it matters?
When you can’t ignore it?
When you can think of nothing else?

linen or silk?
Heels or hiking boots?
Calluses and cowshit or milk-soaked peaches and cream?
Nibbles or nips?
Swagger or seduction?

When do you like to be naked?
When can you feel nothing but your skin?
What if that were true all the time?

Go out there.
Pay attention.

Get in touch with yourself.
Then get back to me.

*Too fast? Start here.

your body knows. Listen.