work with me

love what you see?  Want me to help you turn your brain inside out and get your fabulous back?


Two choices:

1) all day intensive.  Start at 9, three phone calls, work in between.  We’ll start with retuning you to your pleasure frequency and go from there.  Each person is different, each day is unique.   $650

2) one hour, coaching or consulting.  $150

What do you get?

Confidence, grace, power, a sense of your sexiness, and direction.

Graciousness under fire.

Words to navigate whitewater without getting soaked.

And pleasure.  You get your pleasure back, smooth and strong.

So send me email. My first name at body of pleasure dot com.

Can’t wait to hear you smile. 🙂




All choices start with an email.  Tell me who you are, why you want to work with me, and what you’re hoping to get out of the work.  If we’re  a good fit, I’ll send you a payment link and get you booked.

your body knows. Listen.