Work With Me

I’ll help you take your life from black and white to color.

Remember the movie Pleasantville?  A brother and sister get unexpectedly thrown back in time and into a 1950’s TV sitcom…in black and white.  The town is almost complete, but things are missing.  The books are blank.  The streets loop back to meet themselves; there’s nothing outside the borders.  And there are no mistakes, no sensations, no pleasure.

When one by one the people of Pleasantville discover pleasure (and lust and anger and free will) it changes everything.  They go from black and white to color, and their world is never the same.

Come home to your body.

Your body knows pleasure.

Pleasure begins in the body.

Pleasure is the foundation.

It’s more than an undercurrent, stronger than a flavor, meatier than an edge.

We can work on career, on relationship, on your sex life, on work-life balance–and we’ll start with pleasure.

Because pleasure is information.  Pleasure is direction.  Pleasure tells you what you need to know.

Our culture trains us to forget, to ignore, to shut down.  We learn that what we want doesn’t matter.  In fact, it doesn’t even count.

Here’s my bottom line:

Strength and action come from pleasure.

It’s okay to want.  Desire is good.  And you can know what you want, not just what you think you want or what you think you should want.

It’s okay to want what you want.  There’s no “should” with desire.

You can get there.  And getting there is where pleasure comes in.  Pleasure is the granting of desire.

Want to work with me?

Hire me by the onesie:

One session, up to 60 minutes, to deal with one issue.  You’ll send me a background email, get me up to speed at the beginning of our call, and we will get you sorted, sifted, planned and inspired!  You’ll go from chaos to vision.  And yes, we’ll follow your pleasure, start to finish.


Email me to talk schedules and find a time.

Three Pack:

Either three sessions to be used in one month or six sessions to be used within two months.

This is for you if you rock the world with follow-through but you need support for the initial planning stages.  Clarity, inspiration, vision, and week-by-week progress to overcome that initial inertia and hurdle the initial bumps.

This is also for you if you’re kind of a onesie person, but want a little more depth and support.  Great for thinking through a shift or change in your relationship, opening up a new set of possiblities, getting to good, giving, and game, or making initial explorations into a career shift or other life change.  Can be extended into ongoing sessions or repeated after the initial set, if you wish.

3 pack: $375

Ready?  email me and we’ll find a time to get started.

3×3 (three by three…)

Three sessions a month, for three months, total cost $1000.  This is the most-requested format, now made official.

Send me  email to get things rolling…

Ongoing weekly sessions: 

going through a process?  Need company and guidance?

I’m your navigator.

I’ll read the compass of you so you can keep a steady course.  Whether it’s a job change, starting/ending a relationship, adding a child to your family, moving cross-country, reinvigorating your marriage,  when it’s big you’ll want ongoing sessions.

Typically people work with me for three to six months, but it depends on you.  I have multi-year clients and one-month clients and everything in between.

This is my most popular package.  In addition to your weekly session you get:

  • quick check-ins by email and phone
  • We’ll go through the hopes, the fears, the ups and downs, and the awesome shiny moments together.  I’ll be your companion, your guide, your voice of reason, your voice of indulgence, and your kick in the ass so you come out the other side the way you want to.

Why would you want this?

Direction.  Support.  Encouragement.  No bullshit.  I mean, do you want it or not?  I’ll call bullshit when I see it, because bullshit usually covers up the jewel of desire, which points you in your true direction.

I have helped when high-level executives change jobs; creative entrepreneurs change coasts; married people navigate into polyamory; monogamous people stay married (and like it!); people come out as queer, genderqueer, lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual, transgender; people make decisions about graduate school and careers and callings; and all kinds of other fantastic and fun stuff.

$400/month.   Want it?  email me.  We’ll set up a conversation and go from there.

Ongoing work, two sessions a week:

when everything is changing right this minute–or possibly sooner.

This is my highest level of support.

$750/month gets you everything from the one-a-week package, but with two regularly scheduled sessions per week.  If you need help staying on track or are moving at the speed of light, this is for you.  Email me.  Tell me what’s up.  If it’s a fit, we’ll get you going.


your body knows. Listen.