about me

Hi, I’m Leela.

I believe in intimacy. I believe in bodies and pleasure and sensuality. I believe in touch.  I believe in beauty. I definitely believe in the beauty of grit.

I also believe in slam poetry and graffiti as art forms.

I believe in secret superpowers–sometimes so secret that the owner doesn’t know about them.

I believe that when you have access to pleasure you have access to your best power with your least effort.

I believe that’s how you’re going to change the world.

And I believe in you.


I’ve tried changing the world in other ways. I came to this work by a long and winding path. Each thing (even the stint as an IT professional and the four months in cabinetmaking) gave me a little piece of the puzzle…and another experience at shoving my way to success.
And then I had to stop. It was too much. Too much fighting, too much pushing too much drama. Ugh.
I was exhausted.
I was tired of being exhausted.
Whatever I was doing, it wasn’t worth killing myself in the process.

And when I sat still, in the quiet, with the grass and the water and the birds…

Pleasure spoke up.

(Actually, she tickled my toes.)

I started listening. I started paying attention.

And I discovered that I could get everywhere I was trying to go, and I didn’t have to be miserable to get there. Following Pleasure was like following a little girl skipping down a garden path…except when it was like following a very sexy PI down some darkly attractive alleys. Fun, exciting, engaging. Never boring.

I forget, sometimes. I get off track sometimes. But I always come back.

I don’t regret the other parts of my life. Without all those pieces (yes, even the horrible breakups and gut-wrenching moves) I wouldn’t be here. I don’t think we have to suffer, but I don’t think anything is wasted. First, you grieve.  Then you rock the world.

And then you grieve again. Following pleasure isn’t about shutting down everything else. It’s about having a way to find your heart again.

So what I do is transformation. Whatever has come before will become grist for what is coming next, fear not. Nothing wasted. I connect you to pleasure so you move with a little more direction, a little more purpose, a little more now and a little less someday.

Your direction is going to come from an inner sense of rightness. Your inner sense of rightness feels good.  It feels like pleasure–because it is. Pleasure begins in the body. It is that simple, and that complicated.

My name is Leela Sinha. I live on the coast of California with a series of degrees and certificates* that make me pretty damn uniquely qualified for this thing that I do, which is about the most engaging, exhausting, invigorating play I’ve ever done. It’s leadership development, it’s executive coaching, it’s training based on everything–everything–I know.  It certainly feels too good to be associated with “work”. But it’s not exactly relaxing. It’s more like summiting a fabulous mountain with an amazing companion. (That would be you. The companion. Or maybe the companion is me. It’s all about perspective.)

I have a website that talks about my book (yourenottoomuch.com) and a website that talks about my professional coaching and consulting and speaking (coming soon, it’s in overhaul mode) but here, this is my personal space to be all about bodies and the deliciousness of embracing them.  I have a resources page (Sources in the menu) and a pile of essays.  If you want even more essays and a way to comment and chat, find me on Patreon at patreon.com/LeelaS.

See you soon!

*You like detail. That’s awesome. Okay, here’s the list: I have an M.Div. from Meadville Lombard Theological School and yes, I’m ordained; I have a BA from Carleton College. I completed The Coaches Training Institute course series in Co-Active Coaching, I did massage therapy training with the Green Mountain Institute in their Portugal program (and yes, I’m licensed), and way back in the day, I did sexuality education training for the UUA’s AYS and OWL programs.

your body knows. Listen.