Intensives: RTFM

When you’re intense living in a not-intense world, there’s stuff you figure out.

But we’re kind of…intense.  Impatient.  Go-like-hell-rest-like-the-dead-go-like-hell is our work cycle.  And we WILL RTFM (read the fucking manual) if it means we can get into doing The Thing and not have to stop again.  But only if.

This is the manual.

And you don’t even have to read it.  Just listen.


No Steamrollers: Power Management Done Right

If you’ve ever been told, “You’re TOO MUCH.  I can’t catch my breath!” then this is for you.

The idea is NOT to turn down your volume.  You operate at rockstar volume and that’s AWESOME.  The idea is NOT TO FLATTEN PEOPLE when you do it.

Most people will imply, or say outright, that you HAVE TO TURN IT DOWN PEOPLE ARE WORKING AROUND HERE.


You have to figure out how to STAY LOUD while not knocking people over.

I’ve knocked over my share of people, so you don’t have to :).

You will learn:

* energy management so you let off steam safely

* how to be truthful without being heard as mean.

* consent

* love

* how not to have to be right without losing face with yourself (I know, someone is WRONG ON THE INTERNET. *sigh*)

* making space for yourself

* making clean offers

* nonattachment

* standing in your power

The recording is here!  Listen in:


All Or Nothing: is it really a problem?

As intensives, we have a tendency to go all in…or forget about it.  We like to sprint or dive deep, go, go, go.

And people who are not intense will tell us with some regularity that we’re making them nuts because we need to pace ourselves.

“You’re making ME tired,” they say.

Bless their hearts, but we’re not really able to fix that.  And even if we could or think we can, that’s no our job.

Our job is to do our thing in the best way we know how.

ON THE OTHER HAND: that all-nothing thing can sometimes get us into nasty icky tarry spiraly messes of goo where we decide that if we can’t be The Best at whatever, then there’s no sense trying and maybe we should go eat worms.

On this call we’ll talk about All AND Nothing: the good, the bad, the ugly, and the glorious.

How do we harness it for good?  How do we retool it when it tries to drag us down? And how do we fit our sprint/collapse/sprint/collapse cycle with a world that gets up and goes on with its day at 9:00 exactly every morning?

Let’s talk.  The call will run about an hour, and then about 30 minutes for Q&A.  Join us!

more calls to come.  Bookmark this page.

your body knows. Listen.